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Julian Holtom

Flat 2, Cote Wall Mews
Sands Lane, Mirfield
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire WF14 8HJ
United Kingdom

Contact : 07776 303089



To be able to work in an structured, coordinated and positive environment, where individual flair is encouraged.


Wheelwright Tertiary & Batley Art College, Dewsbury - 1986

A level fine art

Earlsheaton high school, Dewsbury - 1983

16+ Physics
16+ Biology
16+ Geography
16+ Math
16+ English Literature & Language
'O' level Art & Design

Work Experience

Lead Artist - Team 17
2000 - present

Responsible for realization of concept designs and creation of game content. Ensuring high quality of work amongst colleagues and offering guidance where necessary. 

Lead Artist - Creative Reality Software Ltd
1997 - 1999

Responsible for realization of concept designs. Ensuring high quality of work amongst colleagues. Responsible for hardware, software maintenance

Lead Artist - Ocean Software ltd
1993 - 1997

Responsible for realization of concept designs. Ensuring high quality of work amongst colleagues. Responsible for hardware, software maintenance. Investigating potential applications of new software

Lead Artist - Dreamweavers / Imagitec
1988 - 1993

Responsible for realization of concept designs. Ensuring high quality of work amongst colleagues. Investigating potential applications of new software

Educational Activities Organiser - Kirklees Metropolitan Council
1987 - 1986

Responsible for research into historical activities suitable for public demonstration and display. Liaising with members of public


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier

Titles worked on

Zone Warrior
Suspicious Cargo
Viking Child
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top Of Fun
Humans 1,2&3
Jurassic Park
Central Intelligence
HMS Carnage
Martian Gothic
Worms Forts
Toy Wars
Worms A Space Oddity
Worms Open Warfare 3


I've been in the games industry for 20 years now. When I first started I was doing character graphics for the spectrum and with the great leaps forward being made in technology I was soon working in glorious colour albeit 16 of them at first, and then along came a kaleidoscopic revolution in the form of the Atari ST and the good old Amiga when the colour palette on offer went soaring through the roof to a staggering 256. During this time I worked for Imagitec which went on to become Dreamweavers. I served my time there for 5 years where I learned the basics of my craft before venturing further a field.

My next employer was the once glorious Ocean, one of Britain's flagship developers and publishing houses. It was here that I first developed my 3D skills. During my time there, one of the many projects I was involved in was the huge HMS Carnage. It required no less than 48 minutes of film quality FMV. We managed to do this with a small team of 3 people working full time. Unfortunately when Infogrames acquired the company they decided to shelf the project. So off I went in search of new work.

I then found myself working for a small company called Creative Reality in Harrogate for the next two years, all but single handedly completing a project called Martian Gothic. It was similar in visual content to Resident Evil. Unfortunately funds ran out upon completion of the project, which leads me to my current position.

I now work for Team 17, where I've been for the past 8 years. I'm working on one of their prestigious Worm branded products. Quite a departure from the style of work I had become accustomed to over the last few years. However my versatility, broad depth of knowledge and team skills shone through as I was lead on many projects. I've since gone on to re-learn the many skills required to produce FMV sequences, which is now my current role within the company