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The following images are from an unreleased title called HMS Carnage, circa 1995-97 Unfortunately it was never published as Ocean Software sunk under the waves without trace. They were created using Alias Power-Animator, with additional compositing work carried out using Wavefront Composer.










All of the above images are copyright Ocean Software.

Miscellaneous Work

Here's a CD cover & flyer that I've done for some DJ friends. Also here's the first images I've created using Maya.







Copyright me! 2K


Below are some old images for magazine covers and promo material for various game titles. (Yes we were all crap once.)



Copyright Ocean Software.


Copyright Creative Reality

Here is some old pixel artwork that I've managed to dig out from somewhere. It's certainly humbling. Circa 1988 - 1993









Copyright Imagitec / Dreamweavers.